The Truth About Fascism and its Political Origins: What the Political Left, Academia, and the Media is Trying to Hide From America

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By Barry Secrest

Raging fascism, an element of totalitarianism, is precisely the very thing that we have seen from the political left, over the past decade.

Their efforts in trying to stifle free speech along with a war on behalf of extreme political correctness and a  heavily financed movement towards an all-powerful central world government [or globalism] is the very thing that the Deep State, here in America, has been assembling for at least 50 years now.

Indeed, before a world government can be assembled, all national-regional governments must be hyper-centralized, as the first-layer of authority, towards the overall means to an end, and then immediately de-nationalized in order to be effectively absorbed.

This globalization” agenda, which borrows heavily from Marxist Theory, point, in fact, is only the beginning, and it’s an effort that is rooted singularly in the seeds of the anti-Christ movement begun long ago, that is merely a flip-side of the coin that is globalism, or for our purposes at present, what we could easily define as “global fascism.”

While the Left, the media, and even Barack Obama, himself, have tried to paint President Trump as a fascist, which is laughable on the face of it, the truth about fascism and its distinct relation to socialism can very easily be found in the annals of forgotten history, as Dinesh D’souza explains quite brilliantly, in the accompanying video, at the top of this page.

Fascism as a political identity ideology is defined, in part, by the assertion that an individual’s exercise of thought and action must be in assemblage with the prevailing approved thought process of any given organization, group, or political party, no matter the historical extremeness of their universally accepted norms.

When an offender’s race or religion falls outside of acceptable norms (for their specific thought crimes) then the offender becomes immeasurably more guilty and therefore subject to an even more exaggerated socialized punishment

With the election of Donald Trump many Americans breathed a sigh of relief and for good reason in that Trump is nothing if not a supreme Capitalist & free market aficionado, of the first order.

However, after years of Obama and his Socialist-Democrat followers planting the seeds of discontent, across a wide swath of the US civil society, the battle for America and the survival of the free world is nowhere near to being won, at least not as of yet.

One significant bit of this latest evidence came to us not too long ago, from none other than the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press” that had recently published a book titled “Communism for Kids” which sought to indoctrinate America’s youth into a system of governance that has, in fact, killed over 100 million people in the 20th century.

In fact, All forms of authoritarianism, whether it be fascism, Marxism, communism, or socialism, have been throughout history, of the left, not the right, and this bit of truth is the one that the globalists have been trying to hide from the world, throughout our long history.

It should be further noted that the US Constitution, as one of the charters of individual freedom, exemplifies a Republican form of government rooted in the rule of law that will automatically defeat any impetus towards American totalitarianism, as long as the constitution is meticulously adhered to, which is why Barack Obama and so many on the Left, have constantly, if not indirectly, attacked it.

The globalists’ singular agenda of erasing borders across the west, against the increasingly concerted will of the people, has grown to be nothing short of a real-life fascist conspiracy, that both the media and the powers that control them have forever tried to hide.

For example, the Elite, at present, appear to be implicitly blaming America’s disdain for WTO-only authorized trade, across the planet, as a Trump-originated impasse, and yet true free trade is not at all the problem, especially in the rare instances that it can actually be found.

Rather, it’s the globalists’ fascist-inclined actions of hitching all sorts of sovereignty-surrendering straps to the current slate of trade agreements, being made in secret, without input from the people’s representatives, all across the globe

They’re also blaming Donald Trump as the conservative patriotic frontman newly leading the free world’s cause in this true free trade impetus.

However, the globalists’ actions of trying to smash nations together while erasing all collective borders, smacks of an acceleration of something approaching a one-world fascist construct being engineered, secretly, by way of freak-trade agreements, that in fact offer only minimal actionable clauses, when it comes to actual trade.

Their efforts appear to swaddle free trade in the clothing of totalitarian fascism while hoping their patriotic opponents lack the mental veracity to catch on. This is a key trap-door that the globalist political establishment keeps trying to push America over and into.

Moreover, as Trump continues deregulation and deflecting powers from the Federal government back to the states, and renegotiating trade agreements, bilaterally rather than unilaterally, please remember that a nation cannot be authoritatively led by a totalitarian government that’s constitutionally limited in both size and scope, while also being backed by a well-armed populace; and herein lies the key to any Trump (political debate) victory. 

“The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies.To fight it, we must understand it.”

~ Ayn Rand

Media & Officials Participating in Clear Cover-up of Bullets Fired at Bellagio Hotel During Mandalay Massacre: Guests Forcibly Sequestered During Lockdown (Youtube)


CRN Politics

By Barry Secrest

Clear video evidence has surfaced which indicates that the Bellagio Hotel was forced into Lockdown, sequestering hundreds of guests, as a result of bullets being fired into the front of the hotel during the Mandalay Bay massacre.

However, according to Las Vegas officials and numerous media accounts, no mention has been made and even denials have been issued, concerning gunshots being fired into the Bellagio hotel during the concert massacre across from Mandalay Bay.

The question obviously becomes why the cover-up?

In the video, the woman who recorded the chaos unfolding inside the Bellagio, showed hundreds of guests, under the sequester, being forcibly detained within the hotel until the lockdown was lifted.

In order to make it clear, as to both what and when the lockdown took place, the videographer even walked around questioning several hotel officials about the fact that the Mandalay Bay shootings were taking place at the same time, in addition to cagily including the fact that the sheriff had denied reports of other gunfire taking place, outside of the Mandalay Bay incident.

In each case, various hotel officials standing guard confirmed the woman’s account.

Bellagio Hotel

In order to further provide complete evidence of the sequester’s actually having  taken place, the videographer then proceeded to an outside door where she was met by another hotel guard who blocked her from moving any further outside of the hotel.

In addition to this untold story, this website has also featured several other stories detailing a suddenly and dramatically altered timeline of events from officials overseeing the investigation into the shooting, which was published at the LA Times, and also a story from this website clearly evidencing rapid gunfire coming from a location in the hotel which was situated far away from where the reported shooter had allegedly staged his attack.

please click for a larger map of the strip

As can be seen from the following video analysis, the location of the Bellagio from the Mandalay Bay hotel would’ve made it utterly impossible for  any bullets from the massacre to have hit any part of the Bellagio, largely due to a considerable array of other, much taller, buildings between the Bellagio and the Mandalay Bay, as situated on the other side of the Las Vegas strip.

The strobe light theory has also been debunked, as a possible source of the muzzle flashes emanating from the Mandalay Bay hotel, in a location nowhere near the reported location of the hellish gunfire And the shooter’s position. 

As more details surface regarding whole inconsistencies in official accounts of the shooting, many Americans are wondering at the increasingly widening gap between official accounts, and what actually may have happened during the massacre.



Civilization Jihad: Muslims Hold Weaponized-Prayer Protest in Front of Trump Tower In New World Order Show of Intimidation (Youtube)

Photo by: Kyle O’Leary


CRN Politics

By Barry Secrest


As Ramadan neared, many already knew that the attacks would be coming, here in the West. However, we never know quite how the attacks will take place, nor what modern contrivance will be used in order to effect the onslaught.

Will it be a jet, a car, a gun, a knife, or, will it be something of a more nuanced nature, in effect a warning?

As Great Britain reels from more Muslim extremist attacks as a direct result of its former alliance with Eurozone globalism,  a Muslim attack of a slightly different nature also occurred right here in America, and right in front of Trump Tower, no less, in  New York City.

It was a significant knot of Muslims participating in the act of protesting President Trump by way of what could be referred to as a form of weaponized protest prayer.   

Muslims typically gather at  a venue symbolic of whatever it is that has most recently offended their easily offended natures, and then kneel in obedience to their Desert Moon God Icon, while simultaneously launching into what could only be referred to as a nauseatingly ululating incantation, while also partially clogging  access to the targeted venue they’re utilizing, in this case, one of the busiest areas in New York City and President Trump’s personal residence.


149 Dead So Far In Ramadan Attacks 

Leaders of the event referred to the occasion as an Iftar, but then also stated that the prayers in front of Trump Tower were, indeed, a form of protest against the President.

Trump Tower, they stated, is symbolic of the type of divisiveness and hatred ( which we, unlike the EU, refer to as non-surrender) that has led to the divisiveness of their communities.

One supposes the leaders probably also think we should be thanking them for not prematurely dividing our communities by attacking our teenage girls with a concert suicide-bombing, or assaulting the George Washington Bridge with machetes, guns, and juggernaut vehicles.

DC Clothesline initially reported the Muslim gathering as a form of civilization jihad:

“Muslims continued on with their civilization Jihad as they took over the street in front of Trump Tower during ‘Iftar’ or ‘breaking their Ramadan fast’.

There is no reason for this other than Muslims letting the infidels know that they here and working on their Islamic takeover.

Of course Hamas-linked, Linda Sarsour was also there spewing more lies about her intentions as a Muslim activist. She claims Trump is full of hatred and divisiveness which of course is untrue. The real hate and divisiveness come from Islam and Sarsour knows it.

Muslim countries are the most bigoted places on earth. Several Muslim countries don’t even allow Israeli Jews to enter, yet Sarsour acts like a victim. Saudi Arabia prohibits Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues from being built, so save us the crocodile tears, Sarsour.”

These same sorts of innocent appearing weaponized prayer protests take place all across the western world, where the Muslims gather in an effort to intimidate and inspire fear while participating political-progressives, proudly look on, completely unknowing of the horrors that might personally await them, should the Muslim dream they currently adulate, be ultimately realized.

Moreover, one supposes that the real question might lie in how many, so-called, moderate Muslims might routinely be taking part in these innocent prayer protests, as a sort of gateway, towards becoming completely & irrevocably radicalized.

Since Great Britain Voted to exit the EU, there have been three successive Islamic terror attacks, en mass, in the last 45 days, making it at least appear that the Muslims or whoever might be controlling them, are punishing Great Britain for voting to exit the New World Order. 



Proof Surfaces of DNC Head Harassing & Threatening Capitol Police Chief to Gain Possession of Seth Rich’s Laptop (Youtube)

 “I think you’re violating the rules when you, when you, conduct  business that way and you should expect that there would be consequences.”~  Debbie Wasserman Shultz in her response to the Capitol Hill Police Chief’s denial of her request to turn over Seth Rich’s computer evidence in his murder, which, in fact, did not even belong to either Seth Rich or the DNC….

CRN Politics

By Barry Secrest


Why was Democrat Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz so incensed , back in May of 2017, to the point of such desperation that she actually threatened an officer of the law, in an effort to take possession of murdered Democrat operative  Seth Rich’s laptop computer, which didn’t even belong to the DNC?

Do police precincts routinely abandon evidence, on demand, to supposedly unconnected parties, in a unsolved murder investigation? Nevermind the fact that the computer was considered as evidence of substance in an ongoing investigation that had not been concluded.

Speculation continues to swirl  over the nature of Seth Rich’s murder, meanwhile, the mainstream media and its axis of powers have erupted into highly aggressive bouts of boycotting, including an agenda to suppress all speculation and news reporting of Rich’s murder.

According to video provider Scott Anthony, the plot thickens even further when he noted the following:

 “The laptop doesn’t belong to Wasserman, but rather, Imran Awan, the target of an investigation. 

The Florida lawmaker used her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief to relinquish the piece of evidence Thursday, in what could be considered using her authority to attempt to interfere with a criminal investigation.

The Capitol Police and outside agencies are pursuing Imran Awan, who has run technology for the Florida lawmaker since 2005 and was banned from the House network in February on suspicion of data breaches and theft.”

Fox News, losing much of its Bulldog stature, came under such an extreme amount of pressure, from their initial reporting of the story, that the network was voluntarily forced to retract its originating story.

This, even as conservative show host Sean Hannity publically implored his fans for help, due to the onslaught of threats and even sponsor cancellations because of his initial pursuit of the story, which he later decided to drop, subsequently then taking off for vacation.

It seems that we can now fully arrive at the solid theory that something is definitely afoot, and this seems to be the general consensus among most critically thinking onlookers.

It’s time for the Department of Justice to do the job that’s largely been abandoned over the past eight years.

This new video evidence which has emerged is highly damning, in that it proves an extraordinary amount of jitteriness, from the DNC leadership, about the laptop, along with questions pointing to existential motive.

Why the terrible need for a laptop that doesn’t belong to the party?

So, what is it that the DNC fears might be disclosed by the laptop? Are they, perhaps, worried over proven communications between Rich and Wikileaks, or might it be something even worse?

According to Wikileaks head, Julian Assange,  Seth Rich may have, in fact, been murdered for allegedly leaking email information to Wikileaks, which subsequently exposed a vast amount of corruption within the Democrat party.

Wikileaks even posted a reward of over $ 20,000 for any information on who may have assassinated Rich, who was stated to have been robbed, while in the process of being slain, despite the fact that both Rich’s wallet and all of his valuables had not been taken.

Rich suffered three separate gunshots to the back, damaging his liver and a small portion of the intestine, and there’s even more to this part of the story since Rich was stated to have been taken to a hospital alive and eventually even made it into recovery, before later expiring, according to his alleged surgeon, inexplicably.

Indeed, as the intensity increases along with the mainstream media blackouts, suspensions, and certain bouts of story Suppressions, the narrative has been taken up by the alternative media, almost solely.

An alternative media, by the way, that is not controlled by the shadow government powers that program the daily narrative of an easily manipulated big corporate media.

The traditional corporate media, oddly enough,  has become a juxtaposed advocate of just saying no, to this story,  in addition to its deep state agenda of attacking anyone or any venue that tries to report these logical questions surrounding this particularly odd and cumulative deep event.



Enemy of The State: Shadow Government Conspiracy to Absolve Hillary Clinton Exposed By Judge Andrew Napolitano

 Killing America: A Shadow War Between Establishment Globalists & Citizen Insurgents Has Begun


Netanyahu Accuses Obama of Orchestrating UN Resolution Apocalyptically Suspending Diplomatic Ties with 12 Nations (Youtube)

CRN Analysis

By Barry Secrest

This particular scenario of betrayal once again illustrates Obama’s penchant for accurately hiding his maneuvers, while then abstaining from voting on the same measure that his regime initially orchestrated, leaving those nations who voted as directed, standing awkwardly highlighted for all to see.

The fact that Obama engineered the entire UN action against Israel, and then abstained from the vote, is yet one more herald of Obama’s both cowardly and underhanded “leading from behind” approach to all things politic, both domestic and abroad.

Obama’s plan can only foment more divisiveness in the Mideast while also poisoning the well for the Trump administration…yet another treasonous act by Obama, even as the backward president bows on his knees before the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran.

Obama has, meanwhile, also allowed the Shiite mullahs’ of Iran to covertly complete their nuclear ambitions, under US protection, which will penultimately encompass the nuclear terrorization of the entire Mideast.

This parting vignette from Obama enhances his standing among astute political observers as an unusually vile and misguided man…but the soon-to-be ex-president will continually camouflage his backhanded moves, with the help of America’s radical jihadist old media.

 From Fox News

“Israel’s government publicly accused the Obama administration Sunday of helping create and push the recently passed United Nations resolution condemning settlement activity, with a top official telling Fox News they have “ironclad information” on the U.S. government’s involvement.

“We have rather ironclad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place,” David Keyes, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ.”  

The accusation marks a new escalation in the Netanyahu government’s response to the U.N. Security Council vote on Friday. The resolution passed thanks to a U.S. abstention, a decision Netanyahu has described as a “shameful ambush.”

The White House already has acknowledged President Obama made the decision for U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain. Unclear was how involved the Obama administration was in crafting and pushing the resolution itself – which initially was put forward by Egypt, and then pursued by New Zealand, Malaysia, Senegal and Venezuela.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz issued a statement Sunday defending Obama’s support for Israel and stressed that the U.S. did not draft the resolution.

“The Egyptians, in partnership with the Palestinians, are the ones who began circulating an earlier draft of the resolution,” Schultz said. “The Egyptians are the ones who moved it forward on Friday. And we took the position that we did when it was put to a vote.” 

“As I told [Secretary of State] John Kerry on Thursday, friends don’t take friends to the Security Council,” Netanyahu said.

He pointedly said he looks forward to working with the new Donald Trump administration when it takes office next month. He said he was encouraged by Israel’s “friends in the United States” who criticized the resolution, saying “they understand how reckless and destructive” it is.”


From CNN comes the news that Israel has announced the curbing of diplomatic ties with those nations who voted against the only democracy within the Mideast:

(CNN)Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered his nation’s foreign ministry to temporarily limit all working ties with the embassies of the 12 UN Security Council members who voted in favor of Friday’s resolution on West Bank settlements and who have diplomatic relations with Israel, two senior Israeli officials tell CNN.

Israel stated that current diplomatic and business ties with the embassies of the following countries will be suspended:
New Zealand 
“Netanyahu will not meet with the foreign ministers of those countries and their ambassadors will not be received at Israel’s foreign ministry, the officials added.
In addition, travel by Israeli ministers to those countries will also be limited, the officials said, noting that Israeli ambassadors in the countries will still be able to continue working with the governments of their host nations. 
The move came after ten ambassadors were summoned, under orders by Netanyahu, to the foreign ministry for a personal rebuke over the vote. Israel was furious at the passage of Security Council resolution 2334, which says its settlements in the West Bank “had no legal validity, constituting a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the vision of two States living side-by-side in peace and security.” The United States, a Security Council member, abstained on the resolution.
More than anything else, the diplomatic move to suspend embassy ties is a statement meant to express Netanyahu’s anger at the countries that voted for the resolution. It is unlikely to have any practical effect on either Israel or the other countries, as it does not affect trade, security coordination, or other aspects of the relations.
But as a statement, it is significant, and it is a continuation of Netanyahu’s diplomatic actions against countries that voted for the resolution.
Notably, it does not affect diplomatic relations with the United States, which has been the focus of much of Netanyahu’s anger. Netanyahu summoned the US ambassador and launched a scathing attack Sunday on the Obama administration.
Late Monday afternoon Israel’s ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, explained his country’s diplomatic moves to CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.”
“Israel’s not going to be kicked in the teeth and not just respond to this,” Dermer said. “We can’t just meet with visiting dignitaries as if nothing has happened. This is a serious effort against Israel.”
Dermer said Friday’s UN Security Council vote harmed long-term prospects for a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.
“The one negotiating chip that we have at the peace table is that territory. If the UN Security Council says that territory actually belongs to the Palestinians — which it does not and which we reject — that’s going to make achieving peace actually much harder.”(End CNN Report)
More notably is the fact that a new apocalyptic alignment has just been identified with the 12 nations that voted against Israel, possibly indicating the core nations that may completely turn against Israel at some point in the future, most notably Russia, China, France, and Great Britain.
Even more alarmingly might be the nations predisposed to almost complete Globalist control which include Britain, France, New Zealand & Spain, While Russia and China could possibly co-represent the Biblical reference to the “Kings of the East.”
This particular international configuration, evangelically, could constitute at least an early approximation of the final apocalyptic alignment referenced in Revelation, regarding the final conflict.

Breaking: GOP’s “New World Order” Patriarch George H.W. Bush To Cast Vote for Globalist Hillary Clinton

CRN Politics

By Barry Secrest


It came as no surprise this morning when the headline from the Politico recounted the fact that George H. W. Bush would be voting for Hillary Clinton.

While many a conservative might be stunned at this turn of events, many others saw this eventuality building from miles away.

As stated some time ago, this election has become more about globalism versus traditional Americanism, than the usual Democrat versus Republican Kabuki theater .

The fact that Bush has chosen the New world Order selection of Hillary, in fact, only solidifies, the anti-establishment precept that the political establishment routinely scoffs.

According to the Politico:

“Former President George H.W. Bush is bucking his party’s presidential nominee and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, according to a member of another famous political family, the Kennedys.


Bush, 92, had intended to stay silent on the White House race between Clinton and Donald Trump, a sign in and of itself of his distaste for the GOP nominee. But his preference for the wife of his own successor, President Bill Clinton, nonetheless became known to a wider audience thanks to Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy.


On Monday, Townsend posted a picture on her Facebook page shaking hands next to the former president and this caption: “The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”


In a telephone interview, Townsend said she met with the former president in Maine earlier today, where she said he made his preference known that he was voting for a Democrat.”


In fact, while the incessant constitutional overreaching of Obama, during the past 8 years, bore no critical mention, from the Bush family, conversely, the Tea Party became a direct target for Bush’s elitist ire, in numerous instances.

George H.W., much like his sons, pretty much sees illegals crossing the border as more a multinational “act of love” than a felonious disregard for America’s laws, which brings the Bush era into a new & withering light, under today’s political atmosphere.

Further, the GOP establishment, now, has neither the backing nor the support of the Conservative base, nor, in fact, does George W. Bush and sons,as patriarchs of the political establishment –which is a thing that many GOP pundits have not yet been able to fully comprehend. 

After the Mideast mess, which has nearly ruined America– brought on by the Bush Dynasty– and then doubled-down upon by the remarkably, ill-dutiful, Obama Regime, things have changed considerably across the planet, so much so, in fact, that the unthinkable has now become the norm.

But, it’s not just the GOP, it’s also that other, other, party, currently being occupied by a closet-clatch of historically-deficient Marxists, courtesy, once again, of the “No Child left behind,” Bush Dynasty, with our now federally indoctrinated, Obama-turbo-charged, “Hitlerian youths,” littering the political landscape like dual-action zombies.

The Bush family, at best, are merely the latest turncoats within the Conservative movement; at worst, they appear to have selected the multinational brand of George Soros, above their own country.

Indeed the question becomes not what America has done for the Bush family, which appears to be quite a bit, but rather, what has the Bush family truly done for America, rather than the Saudis?


Obama Unplugged: Un-Teleprompted Obama Stammers Incoherently in “Okey Doke” Trump Attack (Youtube)

“The one thing I can promise you is if we turn against each other based on divisions of race or religion it if,if,if,if,if,if,if,if , if we, if we
fall for, you know, a bunch of okey doke just because it, you know, it, it , it, it, it, it sounds funny or the tweets are provocative, then we’re not going to build on the progress that we started”
~ President Barack Obama, 6/1/16

CRN Politics

By Barry Secrest

It was the case of the missing vocabulary when Mr. Obama let forth with one of the most impressive displays of stammering that many have ever seen.

But, it wasn’t the first time Obama has displayed his un-teleprompted lack of erudicity in front of a live audience — the cameras must have been turning crimson on behalf of America, encompassing all fifty-seven states of confusion.

However, Obama did manage a partial recovery in his ending diatribe with the word “okey doke”–which left most of his listeners tittering nervously  perplexed, at best.

We would classify this as the President’s hallmark career culmination speech, finally elucidating transformation that no one can make any damn sense of….



Pope’s Climate Rally: Charismatic Praise Performers Sing Creepy Hymn of Worship to the Earth (Youtube)

CR News

BY Barry Secrest


It’s a touching charismatic, gospel-type song, but there’s one tiny little catch; it’s to the earth, which makes it kind of creepy, except for maybe to Druids and or Pagans.

Climate Depot was kind enough to submit this lovingly rendered hymn, in the form of a Youtube posting, a little earlier today.

However, a hymn to the earth or the climate was not at all unexpected, since the climate change agenda has now become the closest thing to a religion since the last ultra-cool cult came into being.

In fact, we were waiting on it and it’s finally here, religious odes to climate change and Mother Earth.

The gospel-like song was sang by a group of professional performers at the “Pope Francis Moral Action on Climate Justice” Rally held Washington, DC., today.

According to Newsweek:

“Musicians, religious leaders and climate change activists gathered on the National Mall on Thursday morning to attend the Moral Action on Climate Justice rally. Organized by the Follow Francis organization, the rally began as Pope Francis was addressing Congress.

“In keeping with his ‘cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor,’ we will call on America to honor its moral duty to urgently address the climate crisis. Communities that have done the least to cause climate change—the poor, people of color, displaced immigrants—are disproportionately bearing the burden of climate change,” rally organizers said in a statement.”

The cult of climate change, by way of explanation, seems to believe quite ardently in their contention of man-made global warming or climate change in the form of their attitudes, i.e. constantly parlaying the precepts of their religion–that being rising temperatures as induced by Man around the globe, and their ongoing practice which primarily involves trying to coerce others into adhering to their beliefs while laying down dogma designed to both further their own aims and to isolate and belittle those whom do not believe in their faith.

Now, they’re singing hymns to it as well–it seems that we may have finally arrived, not to mention that some of the more stringent climate change devotees even believe that unbelievers should now be imprisoned, in a sort of statist inquisition.

Also, like many more ancient religions, this new cult or religion requires all of us to participate in their religion by way of alms or tithes to be paid directly to the church treasurer, which would be your National Government as it currently stands.

Restrain or Tie Back

Our analysis wouldn’t be incomplete if we didn’t reveal the etymology of the word “religion” which is derived from the latin word “religare” which means “to restrain or tie back.”

Now, can anyone not see that the entire preface of the climate change cult is to restrain or tie back the world in the form of Cap and Trade taxes, carbon offsets and the likes of control that we have never seen before?

However, our observations should also look at the idea, that being faith, which seems to be constantly surfacing thru out our explanation, as it applies to the theory of climate change.

The word faith means among several definitions the following: “Faith” b (1): firm belief in something of which there is no proof; (2) complete trust.

Can anyone doubt that the entire planet is being asked to believe in climate change based upon unproven evidence?

The President and a large sector of world leaders, and even the Pope, seem to believe in warming or climate change despite an equal (if not more) amount of Scientists and Meteorologists from all over the world standing up and declaring that “This is not true Science.”

The President, it should be noted, seems easily drawn to faiths of dubious origin when one looks at the black liberation theology teachings of the Reverend Wright, with whom Obama formerly referred to as a “Mentor.”

Moreover, the piece de resistance’ of climate change seems to finally lock all of the pieces of the cult of climate change puzzle together.

What religion wouldn’t be complete without DOOM? Yes, indeed and we certainly have it here.

As with most accepted religions, the consequences of climate sin will be meted out by the deity and Holy Smoke! Does this one ever have doom written all over it.

We have been horrified with tales of drowning by rising seas, parched ground that will not even grow grass, strarvation scenarios, plagues and even the hysteria-inducing fact that only 10% will survive if the precepts of this religion follow through to their completion in the form of a finally realized FOUR degrees celsious sustained increase in temparature.

A veritable hell on earth, and there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, where is that darned comet tale (replete with spaceship) when we need it?



Obama’s Towering Inferno of an Administration (Youtube)

Conservative Refocus

Barry Secrest



-The Benghazi scandal

-IRS targeting Conservatives, The Tea Party, Christians, Evangelicals, Jews and only Heaven knows who else

-The Obama DOJ actually seized months of phone records of Associated Press journalists secretly

Obama’s EPA also targeted Conservative Groups while giving Liberal and green energy groups carte’ blanche

It’s as if everything Conservatives have been warning about for the last five years has been proven true and in spades. In the Jon Stewart video above, you get to actually see the gut-reaction of most Liberals upon finding out that their man Obama is not, necessarily, the Messiah they all thought that he was.

More like the Beast, quite frankly.

But, a Liberal Media Star who actually has the intellectual honesty to point out how absurd and completely wrong this Saul Alinsky-style Conservative-Christian-Right-wing targeting is, rather than trying to defend it like many Leftists?

This is the difference between a true old-style Liberal and mindless, Left-Wing, apparatchik-like “Social Liberals.” In fact today, in the modern day, Social Liberal is actually code for Socialists or Socialism, a US grouping of pinheads which have grown in number like weeds in the last eight years.

Indeed, Liberals don’t always follow the same codes much in the same vein as Conservatives for those who might be surprised at Stewart’s reaction. For instance, Sen. Rand Paul, a Conservative super-star, has often spoke of himself as a “classical government Liberal” which essentially means less government and more Liberty, a thing completely in opposition to the radical Liberals of today.

Hmmm…. really, many might be saying right now?

Yes, it is true but one must remember that the times and the history dictate the defining of the various ideologies as the meanings sway and blur over the years. The Founders, who set forth the foundation of America, were in fact, classical government Liberals. This is mainly because, in their day, the Founders were bucking the trends of current tradition and thought, and setting off on a completely new path and form of government, which was not at all conventional in its time.

Thus they were the Liberals of their time, but as their ideological brilliance grew and spread into the mainstream of the day, it became more of a foundation of US political tradition, which embarks the term Conservative in the modern day.


We Conservatives may not agree with Stewart on most political points, but at least we can respect him as one of the few on the radicalized Left who stands mostly on principle. However, Stewart runs a comedy show, for heaven’s sake, albeit one highly successful.

Which leads us to the next big story as it regards principles or rather those who show a rather startling lack of any principles whatsoever…..

In the above clip we can see holder showing opossum-like outrage at Rep. Darrell Issa’s audacity at calling him out for sending 1,200 emails with nothing but the “To and From” headers

Apparently, Holder thinks it perfectly normal to delete all the contents of congressionally requested emails, other than the “To and From” headers.

He feigns outrage, in fact, at being questioned about such a normal and typical thing, to him. A typical Saul Alinksy maneuver, by the way, feigning outrage at the outraged response of doing a clearly outrageous thing.

When Issa challenged him on the blank emails, Holder stated this:

It is inappropriate and too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress,” the attorney general said. “It is unacceptable. And it’s shameful.”

Unacceptable and shameful? Quite frankly, Holders idiomatic response could be a neat summary of his frequent and illegitimate escapades as a US Attorney General.

This particular drama is due to the congressional hearing being held on May 15, 2013 over what has become Obama’s Towering Inferno of an Administration.

But then, after all of this, the President went and made it “all good” by firing the acting IRS Commissioner. Unfortunately for Obama, there is one, really, really, monster- big problem with Obama’s pathetic ploy.

The ceremonial faux IRS execution that took place under the leadership of El Magnifico, was all for show, ladies and gentlemen.

The fall-guy Commissioner, Steven Miller, who was already slated to leave in June, as interim Commissioner, was fired by Obama today.

However, Obama fall-guy Commissioner Steven Miller was not even in place a at the IRS until November of 2012.

Yes indeed, hired on Nov. 10, 2012 is the actual date.

The IRS targeting took place all the way back into, at least, 2011 and probably before that, as many of those who dissent and got punished, sometimes severely, can factually attest.

No, it would seem that we need to investigate the former commissioner, Douglas Schulman, who was hired in 2008 and left in 2012, when this story truly began percolating out into political circles and the media.

Indeed, he was the bureaucrat in charge of an agency which tried to make anyone who disagreed, or held a different belief or even faith, miserable for not bowing to the President’s urgent need to transform America by any and all means available.

Obama apparently thinks the American people are well beyond stupid, and he might be about half correct, at this point. But anyone who thinks this solves the entire problem and absolves the president has drank far too much Kool-aid.

Maybe now would be a good time to revisit Obama’s birth certificate too…. I mean , we might as well while we’re about it……

Supreme Leader Obama Urges Students to “Reject” the Voices That Warn of Government Tyranny

Conservative Refocus

Barry Secrest


Well, it appears that the Benghazi dam has broke and all of the information that has been withheld is now gushing forth from no less than government whistleblowers, but how will it affect his Eminence? Many believe that Obama’s 2nd term could be cut short, however either way, the Obama agenda has been side-tracked even further, which is a good thing, no doubt.

The question now becomes will the mainstream media beyond Fox and other conservative outlets cover this debacle? Even if the establishment media does try to sidetrack the facts from the hearings, the Regime appears to be in a spate of even more rough-going for the near future. More on this as it developes.

Which also brings us to what could be termed the nadir of Obama-think as can be seen in the Youtube video above. Does this guy even believe himself? We don’t think so.

It is, indeed, Interesting that in the midst of El Magnifico’s 2nd “executive Order” term, President Obama is urging students to “reject” anyone that warns of government tyranny, especially after the force-passed 20,000 Page regulatory Obamacare debacle that continues to unfold.


But what do other, perhaps, greater Presidents say about government tyranny?

Glad you asked:

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty~Thomas Jefferson

Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master~George Washington

Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people~John Adams

Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties~Abraham Lincoln

And then we have Barack Obama, who says:

They’ll warn that tyranny always lurking just around the corner, you should reject these voices~Barack Obama


Below is the full text:

OBAMA: Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems. Some of these same voices also do their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave, and creative, and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can’t be trusted.

We have never been a people who place all our faith in government to solve our problems. We shouldn’t want to. But we don’t think the government is the source of all our problems, either. Because we understand that this democracy is ours. And as citizens, we understand that it’s not about what America can do for us, it’s about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating but absolutely necessary work of self-government. And class of 2013, you have to be involved in that process.

Any questions?

But the miasma of misinformation didn’t stop there, none other than Dick “The Landslide” Morris decided to get in on the act of blaming Conservative Icon Rush Limbaugh, for not being establishment enough and even losing elections for the Republicans who seem to do a bang-up job on their own. However, most CR readers know how attacking El Rushbo flies with this site, so here was our response in defense of Rush:

I like Dick Morris, don’t get me wrong, but I love Rush Limbaugh, having practically grown up with him, and it’s certainly not Rush’s fault that Dick didn’t get the landslide for Romney that he predicted in front of God and everyone and then disappeared for a few months, understandably.

I would have never made that prediction, by the way, despite high hopes.

But Dick did make the prediction and he was stunningly wrong then, just as he’s stunningly wrong now. You don’t give these illegals amnesty or even free squatting rights without securing the border first “period,” Dick, you spectacular pinhead and you should know this by now.

You cannot trust the Radical Democrats to secure the border on a future promise, especially when these 12 million new voters cast their Democratic votes as newly minted citizens, Dick, you inimitable dumbass.

You want identity politics, Dick? Then go over to the Democrats, which by the way, is where you were once long ago as Clinton’s chief adviser. Now seriously, can anyone imagine Rush or even me being Obama’s chief advisor?

I didn’t think so and therein lies Dick’s rub. (and I’m being nice here Dicky)

Does Dick really want to alienate himself by taking on the titular head of American conservatism?

Guess so.

But the rebuttals didn’t end there, when Barney Frank decided to take on the Tea Party one more time by comparing the Party to Al Qaeda, of all things. The Washington Examiner stated the following about Frank’s remarks, and we kindly integrated our remarks right back at Mr. Frank, as follows:

Former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., responding to al-Qaeda’s criticism of his sexual orientation in the latest issue of their magazine, compared the terrorist organization to the Tea Party and cracked that the two groups are “aligned” with each other against gay marriage.

CR Notes:

This, from the guy who is allied with the Occupy anarchists?

The Tea Party, to my knowledge, is not at all concerned about gay marriage. Marry anyone you want, just don’t ask us to sanction it as a traditional marriage, pinhead.

“I wonder how the right wing in America feels about being aligned with al-Qaeda?” Frank said to Buzzfeed, adding that “there is an irony that the most active anti-gay [groups] are al-Qaeda and the American right-wing.”

CR: Indeed? al-Qaeda is an Islamic extremist group predicated on Leftist totalitarian control and constantly defended by Left-Wing groups such as the Democrat Party, the Liberal media, and of course, the President.

That is the true irony, and where might Barney the pervert dinosaur fit into all of that, is the actual question at play.

The latest issue of Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine spotlights “Barney Frank, Gay Congressman, Symbol of the American Dream” to argue that the United States is “a nation standing on no values.”

“It sounded like what the Tea Party said when I got married,” Frank replied.

CR: Thou do’st protest to much, quite frankly, Mr. Frank.

Neither I, nor many of my erstwhile bretheren have even thought about you or your churlish singular wit since you got run out of your congressional district. I know that’s painful, but we’ve all been dealing with the banking meltdown that you helped cause.

Plus, we can’t all run lucrative male prostitution rings out of our garages, you know. I mean, where we would park our pick-up trucks?

But, remember what you said in early 2008, as the head of the congressional banking committee? “Fannie May and Freddie Mac are healthy, nothing to worry about,” right…..we saw what that got us…..double-pinhead

Frank’s comments come about a week after an NPR analyst suggested that “anti-government, right-wing” terrorists attacked the Boston Marathon.

Then, ladies and Gentlemen, there was this:


Since when did Congress begin administering joint resolutional labotomies? Imagine a world without balloons, Liberal Democrat Hank Johnson says. Perchance, imagine a world without elected buffoons, we respond.

He was talking about the federal helium reserve management and it’s apparent funding…yeah, we have one of those departments and we probably spend millions on it.

But do we also have a federal elected moron management department? If so, heads should be rolling, and soon. However that action would have to be run through the federal head-rolling reserve department for approval, no doubt.

One glance and any quick listen to Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson, and despite the bedlam lying all around us, you actually begin to feel lucky in ruminating over the fact that despite this type of vacuous leadership, America has still managed to somehow stay afloat.

Now, for those who think the Congressman was just kidding, due to the ultra-high levels of dumb and even dumber, there’s this:

The Admiral in this clip should get an award for his unparalleled ability at not falling over in insane, body convulsive, laughter when confronted with unashamed hyper-stupidity. If this guy were a Republican, he would have been long gone or worse.

Maybe it’s simply Hank’s congressional district:

Stone Mountain.

That would explain much…..