Media & Officials Participating in Clear Cover-up of Bullets Fired at Bellagio Hotel During Mandalay Massacre: Guests Forcibly Sequestered During Lockdown (Youtube)


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By Barry Secrest

Clear video evidence has surfaced which indicates that the Bellagio Hotel was forced into Lockdown, sequestering hundreds of guests, as a result of bullets being fired into the front of the hotel during the Mandalay Bay massacre.

However, according to Las Vegas officials and numerous media accounts, no mention has been made and even denials have been issued, concerning gunshots being fired into the Bellagio hotel during the concert massacre across from Mandalay Bay.

The question obviously becomes why the cover-up?

In the video, the woman who recorded the chaos unfolding inside the Bellagio, showed hundreds of guests, under the sequester, being forcibly detained within the hotel until the lockdown was lifted.

In order to make it clear, as to both what and when the lockdown took place, the videographer even walked around questioning several hotel officials about the fact that the Mandalay Bay shootings were taking place at the same time, in addition to cagily including the fact that the sheriff had denied reports of other gunfire taking place, outside of the Mandalay Bay incident.

In each case, various hotel officials standing guard confirmed the woman’s account.

Bellagio Hotel

In order to further provide complete evidence of the sequester’s actually having  taken place, the videographer then proceeded to an outside door where she was met by another hotel guard who blocked her from moving any further outside of the hotel.

In addition to this untold story, this website has also featured several other stories detailing a suddenly and dramatically altered timeline of events from officials overseeing the investigation into the shooting, which was published at the LA Times, and also a story from this website clearly evidencing rapid gunfire coming from a location in the hotel which was situated far away from where the reported shooter had allegedly staged his attack.

please click for a larger map of the strip

As can be seen from the following video analysis, the location of the Bellagio from the Mandalay Bay hotel would’ve made it utterly impossible for  any bullets from the massacre to have hit any part of the Bellagio, largely due to a considerable array of other, much taller, buildings between the Bellagio and the Mandalay Bay, as situated on the other side of the Las Vegas strip.

The strobe light theory has also been debunked, as a possible source of the muzzle flashes emanating from the Mandalay Bay hotel, in a location nowhere near the reported location of the hellish gunfire And the shooter’s position. 

As more details surface regarding whole inconsistencies in official accounts of the shooting, many Americans are wondering at the increasingly widening gap between official accounts, and what actually may have happened during the massacre.