The Truth About Fascism and its Political Origins: What the Political Left, Academia, and the Media is Trying to Hide From America

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By Barry Secrest

Raging fascism, an element of totalitarianism, is precisely the very thing that we have seen from the political left, over the past decade.

Their efforts in trying to stifle free speech along with a war on behalf of extreme political correctness and a  heavily financed movement towards an all-powerful central world government [or globalism] is the very thing that the Deep State, here in America, has been assembling for at least 50 years now.

Indeed, before a world government can be assembled, all national-regional governments must be hyper-centralized, as the first-layer of authority, towards the overall means to an end, and then immediately de-nationalized in order to be effectively absorbed.

This globalization” agenda, which borrows heavily from Marxist Theory, point, in fact, is only the beginning, and it’s an effort that is rooted singularly in the seeds of the anti-Christ movement begun long ago, that is merely a flip-side of the coin that is globalism, or for our purposes at present, what we could easily define as “global fascism.”

While the Left, the media, and even Barack Obama, himself, have tried to paint President Trump as a fascist, which is laughable on the face of it, the truth about fascism and its distinct relation to socialism can very easily be found in the annals of forgotten history, as Dinesh D’souza explains quite brilliantly, in the accompanying video, at the top of this page.

Fascism as a political identity ideology is defined, in part, by the assertion that an individual’s exercise of thought and action must be in assemblage with the prevailing approved thought process of any given organization, group, or political party, no matter the historical extremeness of their universally accepted norms.

When an offender’s race or religion falls outside of acceptable norms (for their specific thought crimes) then the offender becomes immeasurably more guilty and therefore subject to an even more exaggerated socialized punishment

With the election of Donald Trump many Americans breathed a sigh of relief and for good reason in that Trump is nothing if not a supreme Capitalist & free market aficionado, of the first order.

However, after years of Obama and his Socialist-Democrat followers planting the seeds of discontent, across a wide swath of the US civil society, the battle for America and the survival of the free world is nowhere near to being won, at least not as of yet.

One significant bit of this latest evidence came to us not too long ago, from none other than the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press” that had recently published a book titled “Communism for Kids” which sought to indoctrinate America’s youth into a system of governance that has, in fact, killed over 100 million people in the 20th century.

In fact, All forms of authoritarianism, whether it be fascism, Marxism, communism, or socialism, have been throughout history, of the left, not the right, and this bit of truth is the one that the globalists have been trying to hide from the world, throughout our long history.

It should be further noted that the US Constitution, as one of the charters of individual freedom, exemplifies a Republican form of government rooted in the rule of law that will automatically defeat any impetus towards American totalitarianism, as long as the constitution is meticulously adhered to, which is why Barack Obama and so many on the Left, have constantly, if not indirectly, attacked it.

The globalists’ singular agenda of erasing borders across the west, against the increasingly concerted will of the people, has grown to be nothing short of a real-life fascist conspiracy, that both the media and the powers that control them have forever tried to hide.

For example, the Elite, at present, appear to be implicitly blaming America’s disdain for WTO-only authorized trade, across the planet, as a Trump-originated impasse, and yet true free trade is not at all the problem, especially in the rare instances that it can actually be found.

Rather, it’s the globalists’ fascist-inclined actions of hitching all sorts of sovereignty-surrendering straps to the current slate of trade agreements, being made in secret, without input from the people’s representatives, all across the globe

They’re also blaming Donald Trump as the conservative patriotic frontman newly leading the free world’s cause in this true free trade impetus.

However, the globalists’ actions of trying to smash nations together while erasing all collective borders, smacks of an acceleration of something approaching a one-world fascist construct being engineered, secretly, by way of freak-trade agreements, that in fact offer only minimal actionable clauses, when it comes to actual trade.

Their efforts appear to swaddle free trade in the clothing of totalitarian fascism while hoping their patriotic opponents lack the mental veracity to catch on. This is a key trap-door that the globalist political establishment keeps trying to push America over and into.

Moreover, as Trump continues deregulation and deflecting powers from the Federal government back to the states, and renegotiating trade agreements, bilaterally rather than unilaterally, please remember that a nation cannot be authoritatively led by a totalitarian government that’s constitutionally limited in both size and scope, while also being backed by a well-armed populace; and herein lies the key to any Trump (political debate) victory. 

“The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies.To fight it, we must understand it.”

~ Ayn Rand